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Who is Bear Rye?
Hi! Welcome to BearRye Creations.

I am Claire Rye- Koswener, the maker and pattern designer behind Bear Rye creations. The name originates from the very obvious childhood nickname of Claire Bear, which has stuck into adulthood, and the latter part, my surname (Rye). I am an English girl who has newly moved to New York State to start a life with my American boy (cue Estelle song)/ husband Abe. Him and Our two cats, Knickerbocker and Glory support/ endure my insane yarn collection and lovingly indulge me in starting this venture.

My humble little business has started as a way to share my obsession with yarn, crochet and geekery. Brought on by the teachings of my Nan (grandma for you Non-Brits out there) who showed me how to knit and my childhood best friend Laura who introduced me to crochet my hobby has turned into a full on obsession. I love to create colourful, unique squishy goodness and new designs. This blog has started as a way for me to explore the possibilities yarn can present and how it isn't just a winter craft! Crochet is for life, not just for Christmas! I hope to present designs you can work on for the spring and summer, or just when you don't want to make all those  floofy pom poms and cozy scarves.  

Thanks for visiting, I welcome you to follow this journey alongside me! To follow this blog to get all the updates. For the rest of the BearRye family join me on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook.
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